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"I highly recommend Elizabeth Butler of NLP ™ Possibilities. She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™."
Dr. Richard BandlerCo-founder of NLP
Imagine waking up one morning at your absolute and undisputed best...
You get up feeling optimistic, full of energy and motivation to adventure through the day ahead. 

You mentally run through the day, planning for the best, and briefly pause to create contingency options to insure success for pivotal milestones. Whatever comes your way … you know you can handle it. 

Imagine you are in control of your time and in charge of your destiny. You are absolutely clear on your life’s priorities, and you craft your day to fulfill all of them. You eliminate time wasters with grace, and enjoy all the time you want or need to stop and smell the roses.

Imagine connecting with people around you easily. You are an obvious leader, a good role-model to follow, and a go-to person. You naturally find the right words at the right time for the right people, while being caring and compassionate. You handle even the most difficult conversations brilliantly.

Imagine surprising yourself delightfully by finding clever solutions to “impossible” problems that create win-win for everyone. You make excellent decisions; follow through with passion and resolve, and finish your plans with authority. At a moment of doubt you reach deep down inside yourself to get the resources you thought you did not have and you get it done.

Imagine recognizing and defusing potential hazards. You believe in yourself strongly and embrace challenge with a smile, being ready to course correct and get back into the saddle in peace and certainty that at the end of the day ‘everything is going to be OK.’


If you stop and step fully into this reality ...

... take a moment to look around and enjoy it. If all of this were true, what would your life be like? What would your interactions be like? What would you see? How would you look? What would you hear? How would you sound? How would people feel about you? How would you feel about yourself? My intuition is, if you’re like me, the possibility of this is simply irresistible.

Now take another moment and step back from that reality and leave it in a shape of a big balloon in front of you as you become fully present.

Why do we rarely reach our full potential?

My journey into the field of personal improvement began when I was a teenager.

At that time humans were stunned by a scientific discovery that people use only 10% to 12% of their brain’s potential. It was both shocking and promising: imagine being ten times smarter and all the possibilities that this implies.

As time went by that discovery was reinterpreted. However, if we stop and consider what is it that we do with the brains we are given, my promise is that you will discover that we operate further than our full potential.

We take thinking for granted. We pay no attention to what states we are experiencing and we never reflect on what our brain time was spent on.

What do I mean by that? Let’s say we spend 10 minutes per day engaged in unproductive brain activity.

This could be anything: we may think about something bad that had happened in the past, relive an imaginary argument for the 50th time, creatively come up with different scenarios of how we can screw up in the future, or worry about things we don’t have any control of, while limping through time in states of fear, hesitation, procrastination, frustration, depression, etc. (After all we are in pursuit of happiness).

Just ten minutes per day. Not much, is it? Well, if we do the math, ten minutes per day comes to around 5.3 hours per month or 2.6 days per year which is just shy of a MONTH in TEN YEARS. And if we were to be honest with ourselves and consider an hour of unproductive brain activity per day then it comes down to about 5-6 months … of crap!!! The interesting part though is that no one forces us to do it, and no one even pays us to do it either.

It just happens, and we don’t realize that we have a choice. It’s not like if someone asks us what you are planning to do in the next 10 years, we say: “Well, I had allocated at least 5-6 months to thinking crap and worrying for no reason”. It’s not like we reflect on the previous month and go “Oh, oh I was really behind on procrastination last month. Got to pick up the pace next month or else ...” – this just does not happen.

So let me ask you a question. If things go the way they do, and your life is heading to where it is heading, do you like the place you’ll end up ten years from now? If you do, you know what it takes and how valuable this can be for you.

If you don’t, then it’s time to start asking yourself new questions. How can you turn things around? How can you reach your full potential? How can you operate at your very best? How can your evolution arise with the way you use your brain? How can you fill your life with happiness, joy, and purpose? How can you wake up every morning at your absolute and undisputed best? And go ahead and pull that huge balloon of irresistible reality we talked about earlier back to where it belongs … right in front of you, because you deserve it, and you know you can do it.

This is when NLP is very useful...

What is NLP?

NLP IS AN ARRAY OF TOOLS AND UNDERSTANDINGS how to behave, communicate, and think differently by restructuring our linguistic and neurological patterns.

AT SOME POINT people used to believe that the Earth was flat, and that the Sun revolved around it. Well, some decades ago people used to believe that geniuses in communication, influence and thinking were gifts of destiny and their performance could not be intentionally replicated. Patterns of their thinking were just “intuitive”, and could not be coherently described, yet alone transferred to others.

SINCE THEN WE HAD TURNED OUR beliefs 180 degrees and discovered that Earth is round and is not the center of the universe. Co-founders of NLP laid down a powerful belief at the foundation of Neuro Linguistic Programming training that opened doors previously closed. A belief that thinking, communicating, and behaving can be studied, learned, modeled, and transferred for enjoyment to other individuals using language, symbols, and experience. Simply put, we can model how a genius thinks on a subjective level, teach it to somebody else, and have “regular” people produce “genius” results. Would you like to think and behave like an influential communicator or a genius thinker?

BY TAKING Neuro Linguistic Programming training and practicing NLP simple techniques you will learn how to use your brain in the same way that Einstein did and then pick and choose what you want to integrate in your life … because there is always a choice. While a lot of NLP courses focus on NLP techniques, it’s important to select NLP training balanced between techniques, skills, and models.

NLP TECHNIQUES ARE EASIER TO TEACH and practice. They also provide a solid vehicle to get a good grip on Neuro Linguistic Programming technology. However, since NLP being a study of subjective experience cannot be scientific by definition, NLP techniques, although extremely effective, producing magic like results at the time they were introduced can become outdated.

CONSIDER LAWS OF PHYSICS VERSUS THE TECHNOLOGY OF MAKING CARS. While the laws of physics stay relatively intact for a cycle of a few hundred years: Newtonian universe, theory of relativity, quantum theory, and so on; the technological cycle of making cars is much shorter, sometimes between five to ten years.

WHEN CONSIDERING INVESTING in NLP courses consider how current is the institute with regards to technology. After all, cars in the 70s and 80s were nice … in the 70s and 80s, but would you invest in a technology that is forty years old?

IN ADDITION WHEN IT COMES TO NLP TRAINING, a person dedicating enough time to develop their skills and understanding the principles from which the techniques were derived is going to get a lot more of an edge, because developing the skills, and mastering the principles is going to provide an enduring effect through a vast variety of situations.

SO HOW DO YOU presently evolve one of our most powerful resources … you brain?

We Are Proud to Standout with

these Amazing Features ...


This NLP practitioner course is approved and recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler , co-founder of NLP as well as endorsed by the Society of NLP - one of the most respected NLP training organizations in the world. Your certificate comes with a Society of NLP Seal and is signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler . Your certificate will allow you to take Master Practitioner training, and Trainer’s Training with the Society of NLP .


One size fits all does not fit all. Besides we would be bored out of our minds teaching the same thing the same way over and over and over again. After reserving your seat at this Neuro Linguistic Programming course our trainers would personally conduct a short interview with you to understand where you are in your life, where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish by taking this course, feel free to bring your real business and personal situations, client presentations, goals, and questions with you. We are there to make it all smoother and easier for you to understand and use immediately. Focusing on what is important now and in the future nows.


A lot of NLP training focuses around change work and personal improvement. In our experience taking NLP models and techniques and transforming them to be useful in business or a professional environment is a challenge that students rarely complete on their own. After taking this course, you will carry out NLP techniques , skills, and models repackaged and fine-tuned for immediate business or professional applications.


No matter how good the training program or the trainer is “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Keep your skills alive and fine-tuned throughout a lifetime of “Fun Practice Evenings” happening on the third Thursday of each month, a free bonus available to all NLP Possibilities graduates … For life. You’ll be able to connect with fellow students, ask new questions, refresh and deepen your knowledge of tools and skills while having a great deal of fun.


I took the same path when I was mastering NLP. I first learned this wonderful technology from translated books. Then I went to a number of seminars presented by native English speakers. It is not until you start teaching NLP courses that you realize that trainers for whom English is the first language have no idea what ESL students are going through, and most importantly how much of the power of language is “lost in translation.” During this NLP practitioner training we will examine key language patterns under the microscope of language processing, so that you will become a master of crafting your communication for maximum impact.


The course is conveniently distributed over four weekends. This gives you plenty of time to play, process, identify gaps, and grow your abilities and understanding exponentially. By taking this course one weekend at a time you will also save your precious vacation or professional time so that you can commit it confidently to other important areas of your life.


Your student-to-trainer ratio in this seminar allows an amazing amount of one-to-one access to each trainer. Your questions are answered respectfully and promptly in a Neuro Linguistic Programming fashion. During your many practice sessions you will have the opportunity to work with everyone in the class and receive personalized fine tuning from this elite team of trainers.


After you have graduated from your NLP Practitioner Training you have an option to repeat the same program as many times as you want for as long as you want with us. Your investment of time and money is secure, and we make sure that you will carry out the FULL value of this one of a kind NLP training .

What Graduates Think About Your NLP Funshop
stock-2Max S.

"To me learning NLP with Andrew and Elizabeth is as essential as learning how to walk or breathe. In our daily life, filled with distractions as well as opportunities, it gave me a sense of what is important. The ability to easily divert the unnecessary clutter and focus on the most important fundamentals like health, personal development whilst enjoying harmonious relationships with loved ones are just a few of those newly acquired skills."
stock-2Gary S.

"Since the completion of the NLP Practitioner Intensive, I have noticed many changes in myself. This NLP Practitioner training is not just a course that teaches one some NLP theories and techniques, but is an immersion into NLP. I, did indeed learn NLP theory and techniques, yet I also experienced the transformation that is available with NLP. This immersion into NLP is what makes this training so rich. I am experiencing the world from new perspectives, my senses more awake, my options and choices more abundant and clearer. I carry these new techniques and experiences out into my daily life. Each day "A day of adventure".
If you are looking for a new direction in your life, an opportunity for transforming, then consider this training. I highly recommend NLP training at NLP Possibilities.
stock-2Alvin Brown
Peak Performance and Greatness Coach

"Since taking the NLP course a few years ago, I have had a noticeable improvement in my ability to become aware of my interactions and how I play a role in my own life. My senses have become more refined and I am able to effectively mitigate the three traps of miscommunication in language - distortion, deletion and generalization. Through consistently working with the material we studied, I have also been able to apply it in both my personal and professional life, with amazing results! Time and money well spent!"
stock-2Andrea Sanchez
Real Estate Agent

"I am a much better communicator and have much more insight into peoples behaviour. Professionally NLP has made a real difference in making a buyer’s and seller’s process in real estate smooth and successful."
stock-2André G. Lafrenière
Life coach and change agent

"As a life coach and change agent, the NLP Practitioner course has enabled me to dvelop a better understanding of language, communication and behavior. I am recommending this course to anyone seeking enhanced positive communication skills will see imediate results with their personal contacts, clients, employees and managers. "
Believing In Yourself
Stress Response
Getting it Done


Our training team delivers the best training experience for you.

A successful entrepreneur and a corporate trainer, Andrew brings a unique business prospective to the room.

Andrew will share with you his approach how to connect with people on a deeper and more profound level, and his unique perspective how to identify bottlenecks in the evolution of a business owner.

A natural leader, he will teach you a process designed using NLP technology to establish yourself as a leader of your organization who projects certainty, confidence, and presence.
With her 30 plus years experience of using and teaching NLP Elizabeth Payea Butler brings unparalleled wisdom to the classroom. Her commitment to the quality of your results had earned her a merit based title of the only Master Trainer of NLP certified by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP in Canada.

Explore and improve the control panel of your mind with a DHE (Design Human Engineering) Level 8 trainer at a leisurely pace and a great deal of fun.
Whatever your learning style is be confident that Elizabeth knows at least three ways how to accommodate it.

All of our trainers are fully licensed under the Society of NLP, and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are prerequisites for taking NLP Practitioner Training in Toronto?
Come in with an open mind and a sense of humour. All training materials will be provided.

What is a Society of NLP?
Founded in 1978, the Society of NLP is the most respected, largest and the only recognized NLP certification body by NLP co-founder Dr Richard Bandler. The organization was setup to ensure highest quality of the NLP training programs offered.
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